Friday, 18 October 2013


Choghadiya is time during day which may be auspicious or inauspicious. As per the ritual, all important work should be done or started in auspicious Choghadiya. Night Choghadiya is time between sunset and sunrise. So what is best night choghadiya 2013 for you in Vedic Panchang 2013 because people are searching night choghadiya to see favourable time to start new work during Diwali festival. Here you can get information On all night subh mahurat choghadiya 2013 for you.

Night Choghadiya
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Shubh    Chal    Kaal    Udveg    Amrit    Rog    Labh
Amrit    Rog    Labh    Shubh    Chal    Kaal    Udveg
Chal    Kaal    Udveg    Amrit    Rog    Labh    Shubh
Rog    Labh    Shubh    Chal    Kaal    Udveg    Amrit
Kaal    Udveg    Amrit    Rog    Labh    Shubh    Chal
Labh    Shubh    Chal    Kaal    Udveg    Amrit    Rog
Udveg    Amrit    Rog    Labh    Shubh    Chal    Kaal
Shubh    Chal    Kaal    Udveg    Amrit    Rog    Labh


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