Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Diwali rangoli decoration is the most prominent activity of the time. Diwali Rangoli is an integral part of festival celebrations. The actual meaning of the word "rangoli", "rang" means 'color' and "aavalli" means 'row of colors'. It is known by different names in different parts of India like rangoli in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra, Kolam in South India and Alpana in West Bengal. The rangoli is made with the help of powder made out of white stone, lime, rice flour and other cheap paste to draw the ritual designs. It is mainly done by the women and girls at the doorstep of a house. This is a best activity to express your willingness to receive guests on Diwali festival 2013. So here is a list of beautiful Rangoli designs wallpapers from across the country which you can use for diwali rangoli decorations. Get inspiration from below list of diwali 2013 rangoli designs patterns and decorate the courtyard on this auspicious Diwali 2013 festival.

Download Indian Rangoli Wallpapers for Diwali 2013



  1. Nice collection of rangoli designs, i discovered your website while looking for more rangoli to pin. Thank you for sharing your collection.